Busted Bag Turned Baby Moccasins

I found a great tutorial online for easy baby moccasins, but I wanted to put an up-cycling twist on  them, by using an old hand-bag bound for the trash.

PicMonkey Collage1fin

I loved this bag in it’s day! The soft champagne pleather was such a fun color, but broken straps, zippers and actual holes  meant it was time to say goodbye…that is until I realized I could use the material to make these moccasins!

You too can utilized this technique by using material you already have, instead of buying new material for this project. Old jackets, bags, travel cases and coat bags make great, sturdy, re-usable materials!

Just think! That table cloth you hate, that broken piece of luggage, and that micro mini pleather…. you keep convincing yourself you will still someday wear but all it does is sit in your closet for years taunting you….. skirt, can now all serve a higher purpose!


Let these items live on in something special for your little one. Check out this awesome tutorial to see how I did it!



Happy DIY adventures!



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