7 Cake Decorating Hacks!

cake hacks
Cinder Girl Photography

Cake decorating is such a fun and creative outlet! BUT it can be costly and overwhelming to get started. Here are 7 tips and tricks to help keep your costs down, and your creativity flowing!

1.  Make your own marshmallow fondant! Store bought fondant is pricey and barely edible, but marshmallow fondant is extremely easy to make, inexpensive and yummy! Here is my favorite recipe:       http://whatscookingamerica.net/PegW/Fondant.htm


2. Use dollar store /hardwood store putty spatulas instead of high priced cake decorating ones.


3.  Use these three dollar store finds (screwdriver set, pumpkin carving set and dental cleaning set) instead of this pricey kit.


4. Break dollar store craft scissors in two to make fondant edgers. You get more variety for 1/4 the cost!


5. Shop smarter! For example wooden doweling rods will cost pennies at a hardware store, where plastic ones can be extremely overpriced. They do the same job, so why pay more?


6. Use reusable cake trays! A fun way to do this is to wrap a carving board in wrapping paper, then put down a wax paper liner, so the cake doesn’t get moisture on the paper. This way you can make the cake trays part of the presentation, AND it can be used again and again!


7. Lay out  a plastic painting drop sheet over your counter on cake day. That way you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up, just roll and toss!

Here are a few of my cakes that have been created using these very tools and methods!

13 1nw 1nw 3

Happy DIY adventures!



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