Up Themed Birthday Party!

For today’s post, I dug through my archives, and decided to post about  my son’s  first birthday.

I wanted to do something magical and memorable, so I decided to theme the day around one of my all time favorite films, UP.

I knew that the main thing I wanted to do was make the cake FLY!  So I decided to make the house it’self out of modeling chocolate, and hang it from fishing wire above the actual cake. I also added felt stuffed clouds, for effect and dimension.



As for decorations, I went crazy with Balloons, of course! I love balloons! They are easy and inexpensive, and they add so much!!! One way to stretch your balloon budget, is to avoid helium balloons, and instead string up hand blown ones, and hang them throughout the house!


Another fun way to avoid breaking the balloon bank, is to make construction paper balloons! I attached these to the wall with painters tape, and added dimension by adding yard strings to each one, gathered together with a bow.


I also Made a “Kevin” to peak out from around the corner. He was cut from card board and painted, then I added some craft store feathers for effect.


I wanted the theme to be evident on arrival, so I made this fun Up Wreath, with yarn, construction paper cut outs and craft store moss.


For table top decorations, I printed these great FREE printable characters!  http://family.disney.com/crafts/up-carl-3d-character

 I also wrote up some “Adventure Scrolls” for take-homes. Each scroll listed fun things to do with kids in our hometown.


As for treats, the more colorful and whimsical the better! So I purchased vintage lollipops frombsweetlv.com. I also made balloon cupcakes and sugar cookies shaped like clouds, and added fun colorful candy in class dishes.


I also made these fun take-“homes”, by printing little Up houses, with lollipop balloons! The little boxes were filled with jellybeans.


It was such a fun celebration!!!! And he loved every minute!


Happy DIY adventures!



One thought on “Up Themed Birthday Party!

  1. Hello!
    Everything is awesome! I love love the idea of the card stock balloons!
    Do you mind sharing the source of the house printables?
    I’m planning my little one 1 st birthday party for august 🙂
    Thank you!


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