Mismatch plates become Shabby Chic Serving Tower Trays

I love to bake! And cupcakes are near, and maybe too dear to my heart 🙂  So naturally I love having fun and elegant serving trays to present them on. However, serving tower trays can be super pricey, not to mention a bit boring…..  enter the up-cycled serving tray!


These fun shabby chic trays are not only SUPER easy to create, but also inexpensive and one of a kind!

Here is what you’ll need:

1. Large, medium and small plates. You can use your own mismatched ones, or pick some up on the cheap. Target, Dollar Stores and thrift stores all have great plates for next to nothing prices!

2. E 6000 glue (this stuff is incredible! and you can get it at any craft or hardware store. Walmart also carries it)

3. Candle stick holders. You need two per tray. I got mine at Dollar General and Thrift stores, all for under a dollar a piece.

PicMonkey Collage3

Before you start gluing, make sure you like the tower, mix around what you have, and see what fits best. Then stack each piece one by one, letting the glue stand for at least an hour before stacking the next piece. Once it’s all stacked, let it dry for at least 24 hours before using it.


And there you have it! Instead of throwing out  mismatch plates  you’ve created something beautiful to use for years to come! Happy DIY adventures!



If you liked this post, check out my fun kid friendly 4th of July craft on orsoshesays.com !



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