Halloween, it’s not just for kids!!!

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It’s that beautiful time of year! Halloween is just around the bend, and today I’m sharing some costumes just for the ladies!

I know I know, you’re trolling the internet for your kids costumes right? And OF-COURSE that is number one, but if you’re anything like me, you love Halloween just as much as the kiddos! You probably used to get all gorgeous and go out with your girlfriends every year! But now, it’s all about the kids, and maybe, just maybe you’ve given up on dressing up

If so, this post is for you!!!!!!! I adore Halloween! I always have. My theater background is definitely part of it, I just love becoming something/someone else for a night! BUT, when my first child was born, a couple years went by, where I lost my mojo, and just made it all about my little one’s costume, which is natural, and fine, BUT Halloween brings me such joy, and my process of recapturing that joy, is something I wanted to share.

YES, we are moms. Our lives revolve around caring for those we love, and we love it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some serious dress up fun at least once a year! Whether you want to match your whole family, or you have an adult only party to go to, You can and SHOULD dress up if you want to. Here are some of my past costumes, all DIY, and ALL cost me less than 40 dollars each to create. (Some of these are from other projects, but would make great Halloween costumes) 



Such a fun costume! My horns are DIY tinfoil and electric tape. Great tutorial here:


My dress is a black, thrift store find, and the wings were borrowed. Please check out the awesome photographer! http://www.killerimaginginc.com


Snow White

Instead of the Disney version, why not try your own take? This is a borrowed vintage wedding gown, red bow, black wig and apple. SO simple, so fun! http://www.killerimaginginc.com




Thrift Store pink dress, red roused fabric, spray painted popcorn bucket, heavy duty wire….BAM!

white queen

The White Queen

I glued handmade butterflies to this gorgeous thrift store find! White wig, grey mouse, and voila!

photo credit Josh Downs

vintage hw

Vintage Housewife

Thrift store vintage dress, rollers, apron, and a baby makes the perfect accessory 😉

Check out the amazing photographer! This shoot was featured on Merci New York as well!




“Drink Me” Alice

So again, I tried a less Disney version of Alice, and this refrigerator box could easily have been made into a backpack as well.

Photo Credit Josh Downs

PicMonkey Collage1hbhgfc

White Trash

So easy! Just mix together every tacky item in your closet! And don’t forget your “Chanel” bag!

So remember, Halloween, it’s not just for the kiddos 😉  Have a blast! You deserve it!


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