DIY Ghosts and Harry Potter Candles!

I know it’s a little late for decorating this year, but if you’re anything like me, you are already thinking of next year’s decor for Halloween!

This year, I really want to have ghosts sitting at my table, so I set about figuring out how to create that look. fin3

I decided to try and create an idea, a story. This is my haunted tea party. Mabel and Edgar led a long and happy life together, and still have tea once in a while even in death…..te he he. I am a huge dork.


The gloved hands pouring tea were created by connecting the kettle and cup with steel wire. The liquid, is hot glue painted lightly with wood stain. The gloves are stuffed with dollar store mummy hands, and the whole piece is hung from the ceiling with fishing line.

PicMonkey Collageg1

Edgar was very simple. Just a dollar store felt top hat with dollar store black glasses hung from it from fishing line. The whole piece is then suspended from the ceiling as well.



For the table decor, I wanted it to look like a tea party that had been sitting for quite some time. So I did some wilted roses,  webbing, and of-course some critters have gotten to the biscuits.

nw11 PicMonkey Collageg2

In the entry I wanted a fun haunted feeling as well, so I hung 50 DIY candles from good old fishing line (the hero of this post). Check out the tutorial here


PicMonkey Collage22


I am definitely going to miss our ghosts when Halloween is over 😦   But hey maybe they’ll make an appearance next year too….boo.

Happy haunted DIY adventures!




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